cyren_2132 (cyren_2132) wrote in greatestminds,

Christmas Card

Following the niceness that was dorm 7, I was wondering if we wanted to create a dorm 6 holiday card for the house.

I think it would be a nice thing to do, and I don't mind being the creator (all though, I'm not as good with that sort of thing as other people are) as long as we discuss ideas/content here first.

So, if we want a Dorm 6 holiday card, do we want it to be:
1. Seriously nice and touching
2. Humorous

I apologize for any crazy-troll-grammar that may be in this post. I'm very tired.
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Well, since we seem to have missed the boat on that one, what if we make a "welcome back to Hogwarts after the holidays" card?